Ways to Print Poster With Good Quality Images

It happens very often that we want to make mass prints more enormous than the “standard” size for almost all printers, i.e., A4 paper. For example, some high-resolution images obtained with high-quality digital cameras will probably have no potential if printed on tiny photo paper or maybe on A4 paper. Large digital photos can create impressive wall images, especially with the image quality that new digital cameras and professional lenses can capture. However, poster printing is just one of the reasons why we need paper larger than A4 size. Logically, architectural designs require larger printers, which is why these programs are printed in specialized printing studios, but other design purposes, such as Photoshop images, would also require paper.

There are many ways to convert a solid photo to print on many A4 pages, which can then be glued or floated to show the entire image. For example, woodworking hobbyists tend to transfer models from their computer to wood and then split or carve it. Such transfers also need a large form or several A4 pages. The fact is that they are a practical choice. If you work with a specialized photo editing software like Photoshop, a person can do such a conversion in about 5 minutes, although they know very little about how it works. Upscaler is a free web service from Stockphotos,  meanwhile Photoshop is a paid program, and it seems exaggerated if all you want to do is this type of conversion.


Utilize Microsoft Paint

The easiest way to do this conversion with software is to use the Microsoft Paint pre-installed in Windows. Yes, this program seems to have its advantages after all, which many thought, frankly, outdated and almost worthless. The first step is to ensure you have a printer installed on your system, as it will not have the ability to load the page setting. Then, open the file. After opening the file, you can go on to print it. But, you might need to set up first for some Windows types.

Everything depends on the size of your photo. Do some calculations based on the size of an A4 page, and you will know exactly what value to enter to get enough space for your image. If you are not sure, choose “twice 2 web pages”. You should check all web pages and see if any part of your image is missing; if so, select other Page Setup pages. Then, adjust the edges of the paper to your liking. It will affect the way you will later assemble the previous image of the A4 pages. Finally, you can publish the Paint image. Make sure you have chosen to print all the pages and, of course, the ideas of other printers’ tastes, such as color and superior print quality. It could be a waste if you make a mistake today.

Utilize Blockposters.com

The following strategy is even more straightforward than the first one, for the simple reason that nothing is done. A website takes care of the conversion according to its possibilities and provides a PDF file with the modified photo. This site is BlockPoster. However, many others offer similar solutions. This way is more superficial and gives better results in terms of image quality. The step is simple, also. Firstly, go to the website and click on step 1 to upload your photo. Remember that in this way, the record will be uploaded and saved on your server. If your image is confidential or doesn’t want others to see it (even if your image’s chances of being recognized by human eyes on your host are low anyway), it is better to choose your first method. Then, browse a file on your hard disk, select it and click “Next”. After that, you need to adjust slices before clicking the “Continue” to process the images. Finally, you can wait until you receive the PDF that allows you to download it.